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Nepal Footprint Holiday Treks is a locally owned and operated eco-friendly trekking and cycling adventure tour agency that has been operating throughout Nepal, the Himalayas, and Tibet since 2009. Our company was founded by a team of trekking guides who have over 14 years of experience leading expeditions. These years of guiding experience, along with a local knowledge of Nepali and Tibetan culture, have provided us with the skills to run a professional, environmentally conscious adventure-holiday company. Our staff is a small team comprised of trekking guides, sherpas, cooks, and administrators - all of whom have had many years of experience in their respective areas of expertise. We say confidently that you will thoroughly enjoy whichever trekking, cycling and/or mountain-walking adventure tour that you chose to book with our company!

We offer trips to all of the popular trekking, mountaineering and cycling regions including Annapurna, Langtang, Mount Everest, Manaslu, Tsum-Valley, Mustang, and Dolpo. We also provide adventure tours to other less mainstream destinations of Nepal. Regardless of which trip you chose, we will tailor the expedition to your wants and needs including customizing day-to-day itineraries, types of accommodation, and food /drink. The level of our assistance on these trips can vary and is completely up to you. For example, we can provide you with a fully outfitted trip, including travel logistics, gear, accommodations, a locally trained guide, and a cook. Or, we can simply explain the important details of the trek( including safety), organize transportation to and from the trail head, and let you take it from there.

Our company operates under the rules and regulations of the Nepali Governments' Tourism Section. Additionally, we are a member of Nepal Trekking Agency Association (TAAN) as well as the Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA). Our company is fully insured.

Our staff and the eco-friendly nature of our company
Our staff is 100% comprised of locals from Nepal and Tibet. We are all responsible people who are passionate about the work that we do. Our staff includes guides who speak good English. In addition, we offer tours in basic German. Our guides are knowledgeable not only about the trekking trails, local environment, and weather patterns, but also about the dozens of different cultural groups that you will find throughout Nepal and Tibet. We pride ourselves on the eco-friendliness of our tours. We are environmentally responsible, use as much locally produced products on our trips as we can, and work in partnership with locally owned business and guesthouses. We never use child labor on any of our trips. We also donate a portion of our profits to combat child poverty in Nepal via SCCN. Furthermore, on Nepal Footprint Holiday Treks, we designate one day for each participant to voluntarily pick up trash along the trail. We will provide gloves and container bags for this purpose. We also are committed to paying our porters and guides at the upper end of the wage scale for these positions in the Nepali trekking industry. Finally, we are also committed to subsizing our employees so that they can expand their knowledge through education and thus enhance their opportunities for employment. For example, we might subsidize a porter for taking a foreign language, say French or Chinese.

Your Safety
Your safety is of the utmost concern to us during your adventure holidays in Nepal. For this reason, all of our guides and mountain climbing Sherpas are trained in first aid emergency response, and carry a comprehensive first aid emergency kit on all of our expeditions. During our high altitude expeditions, we carry an oxygen cylinder with a mask regulator in case of emergency. Our guides will explain all of the safety concerns to you regarding food, drinking water,and necessary equipment before you set out for your mountain adventure, and during the expeditions. In case of an emergency, we will arrange emergency rescue throughout Nepal. We use first-class, European standard transportation vehicles for all of the transport involved with our guided expeditions. To further insure your safety, we hire only experienced drivers. We also own our own vehicles, which further ensures that we can tailor transportation (style and timing) to your needs.

First Animal Rights Tourism Agency in Nepal
We proudly announce that beginning in January, 2015, we will not operate any elephant back riding safari in Nepal, nor will we operate any tour that compromises the health and well being of other animals. We will gladly organize a tour of the tropical Chitwan National Park and other national park destinations in Southern Nepal, but we will use hiking trips and Jeeps to get closer to the wild animals living in these regions.

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