Bisket Jatra is one of the most popular festival in Bhaktapur, Nepal and the ritual celebration of the ‘the festival after the death of serpent’ and beginning of the Nepali new year festival.  Bisket Jatra is celebrating  few different part of Kathmandu valley, like Bhaktapur, Tokha, Thimi and other places as well. But, the festival in Bhaktapur  is one of largest, popular celebration among the large scale of devotes  with  all of ritual process.

Bisket Jatra is one of long 9 days festival in Bhaktapur. They buildup huge chariots of Bhairab and Bhadrikali God/Goddess and pull through the different villages and temples . The chariots, pause for a tuge of war between the eastern and western sides of town and then move down a steep road leading to a river, where a 25-m high lingam (vertical pole) is erected. In the evening the following day, the pole is pulled down, again in a tug of war and as the pole crashes as the official new year commences.