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    Food and drinks during Trekking in Nepal

    Food and drinks during Trekking in Nepal

    You worried about the healthy food and drinks in Nepal !, No worry, Only be patient, make sure and be careful about the meal plan on your trek from your trek /tour agencies.

    Generally, Nepal is suite for all kinds of vegetation and it grow varieties of natural product to use their kitchen.  Offer you varieties of seasonal vegetables, imported foods, drinks and local product as well. Every guest house and camping trek they offer you almost very similar product with the large selection of hot and cold drinks menu which is delicious. Today, you don’t need to worry about the food and drinks in Nepal. Most of places the local people cook fresh and service for you.

    Some of popular dishes during your trek in Nepal can be following.

    Dal Bhat – Most popular Nepali Complete set meal (Including – Rice, Lentil soup, seasonal veg. curry, Achar, Papad and free extra topping again)

    Momo – Traditional Newari and Tibetan Dumpling can be order fried and steam both. Meat, Veg., Cheese, Potatoes and mixed can be ordered.

    Yak Steak – Only seasonable ordered – Some time can be strong meat, service with boiled veg. and chips.

    Garlic Noodle Soup – Best as a medicine against high altitude sickness.

    Mountain Potatoes – It grew up to 4000 mountains and always cooked fresh by local cook. Most test which is very testy.

    Tibetan Bread and Chapati – Most common for Breakfast and lunch, Thick and think bread fried on oil is called Tibetan Bread and normal think bread roasted by fire called Chapati are always best and hygienic.

    Seasonal Vegetable Curry – Always best to take seasonal vegetable taste that you find everywhere. One of the common dish for everything.

    Everest/Sherpa Beer – Those beers locally product. If you like you can test below the 3000 meter only. We strongly not suggest after 3000 meter trek in Nepal. Even many of Climbers, Local and trekkers are drinking is not suggested from us.

    Pringles Chips and Coke – You can find every guest house and route tea shops.

    Food and Drinks during the trek in Nepal is common thema for all of the trekkers. But is one of most important part and role for you while you are on trek in Nepal.  Many of trek/tour agencies offering very similar package on tricky. There you need to make sure what meals and drinks are included on your trek or tour? Is it a complete course or not? Some of the agencies they writing meal are included.  When you are on the trek and want to order the meal, they offer you only a small item or only 1 product/course per lunch, dinner and breakfast. That is a kind of trick and always many trekkers get confused about it while they on trek. So, in fact you need to pay separately your extra meal bills every days. That is why before booking your trip to Nepal trek please make sure what kinds of food and how many course food are included in your trek every day that is most important.

    Suggestion for Drinking water – Nepal is reach for Natural spring water and mountains are source of water.  All Nepalese people are drinking fresh water from water tap while on trek and their mountain hiking.  We not suggest you to do that. Because of different elevation, environment and vegetation, if you drink that water direct from water tap or river or somewhere you may get ill as well. So be safe and stay, healthy is always top concern for your trek in Nepal. Beside of that, you can use alternatively boiled water, purified tablets and drops or UV Light. If you use that option that help environment, save your cost and zero carbon impact from the plastic bottles.

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