Tourism industries hopes stable government and politics in Nepal after the Election.

Nepal Tourism industries expecting an stable government in Nepal specially after the grand parliament election of Nepal.  The election held 07th of December 2017 in a part. Since many years, Nepal has not a stable government and political balance for full time 5 years. So, this time many of Nepalese really looking for such stable, reliable, hard working and motivated strong government, Says  Bhakti Thapa and Pasang Sherpa. Both of them are successes businessman for tourism in Nepal.  Mr. Kc. Explain, people also very careful this time for voting and people really looking a person who standing for Nepali and understand their problem easily.  Many of people still looking something better for country and their local development. The politicians also changed their habit, mine and agenda for Nation in the election time.

Many of political leaders they have given big priority for tourism industries and announce they want to start their work from the village tourism based. If it goes true, every villages of Nepal can be a tourist destination and many of tourists they can taste of Nepalese rural tourism.