As noticed by Chinese Embassy of Nepal, Tibet travel visa and permit will close from September 18th to 28th October for 40 days. During this time, the Embassy will not accept any visa application for all foreigners traveling to Tibet and all of foreigner most out from Tibet.

Tibet travel groups who have already booked the Tibet tour between those 40 days can re-arrange the tours in Tibet after 30th October. Travelers need to exit Tibet not later than September 17th and can be enter after October 28th.

This decision of Chinese Embassy of Nepal would affect the peak seasons of Nepal and Tibet as this is the right time for traveling to the Himalayas. Tibet kerung border was recently opened for foreign tourist who are planning for Tibet Kathmandu Overland Tour. It is closed now till October 28th.

Planning for Tibet Tour, join Nepal Footprint Holiday or start booking, we will organize the tour packages from October 30th onwards. Feel free to contact us for any queries related to Tibet Travel visa and permit information.