Weather, climate conditions for trekking in Nepal Himalaya and the best time to travel will be main focus and issue, where you do not want to ruin and disappoint your precious holiday.

Certainly weather and varied climatic conditions plays the rules to pick the best time for your holiday and adventure in Nepal Himalaya, for all types of treks from moderate to adventurous or challenging.

Nepal Himalaya weather conditions are normal and similar as in Europe or other parts of Asian countries with four major seasons, namely (1) Spring (2) Summer: June to August, (3) Autumn: September-November, (4) Winter: December-February.

Best Time to Visit Nepal


Nepal can be visited whole year round depending upon the choice of holiday and trekking destinations. The best and peak seasons is Spring times that’s from end of February to May months, when wild flowers in the high hills will be in full bloom, turning the whole mid-hills Himalaya into magic with riots of colors that shades the forested areas.

Spring Season Weather

In spring time, most of the day is clear with pleasant sunshine but late afternoon can be overcast with clouds and disrupts the views of mountains and beautiful landscapes, the temperatures depends upon the altitude wise.

Normally below 2,000 m will be warm with cool morning and night time with minimum temperatures of 10° -12° Celsius with maximum 15° to 25° Celsius, higher above 2,500 m to 3,000 m high, with fine clear day most of morning till mid day with minimum – 0° to + 05° Celsius, whereas maximum of 12° to 20° Celsius, without wind-chill factors that adds more cold morning and night time and on shade, away from sunlight.

The hills and valley with awesome mountain range will be clear for views with clouds by late afternoon, but the night might be clear with bright starry skies.

Autumn Season Weather

Autumn seasons or Fall which starts from mid September till end of November months, these are the times Nepal Himalaya gets more attention with mass flow of trekkers visiting Nepal for all kinds of adventure and trekking.

During these months morning and day are mainly clear for panoramic views of mountains and high hill landscapes but can be cold in the early morning and late afternoon including evening times when the sunlight fades.

The temperatures will be minimum will be -05° to -10° Celsius in the early morning and late afternoon till night time without wind-chill factor, that can add more to colder temperatures above 3,000 m to 4,000 m high elevation.

Winter Season Weather

Winter months of December to Mid February, with clear days with short sunlight hours where temperatures drops to -10° to – 20° Celsius in the morning and night time, with fine clear day in the sun at 15° C to 18° Celsius in the sunlight.

Most of the trekking seasons in Nepal Himalaya are from March to May months when the country is more greens with flowers of varied colors that blanket the hills and valley with clear views of snow-clad peaks.

Autumn / Fall is another best time to visit for adventurous walks and treks in Nepal Himalaya with clear views of the mountains most of the days with cooler morning and night times.

Monsoon Season Weather

The wet-months in the Himalaya is from end of June to mid-September the monsoon seasons with rains all most every day of the week, where’s the southern Himalaya gets more rains that makes the hills and valley more greens covered with dense enchanting forest.

The other side of Himalayan mountains located on rain-shadow on the extension of Tibetan plateau like Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo and other areas of Himalaya behind the mountain with windswept and arid country where rainfall are sparse turning the areas into dry and barren landscapes, where trekking is possible around this region even in wet season of monsoon months.

Whatever your choices of trips from moderate-adventurous to challenging trekking in Nepal Himalaya, most of the best months of March to May and October to November will surprise you with spectacular views of Himalayan peaks in the harmony of local colorful cultures.

Temperature Chart (In Celsius)

Months Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan
? Max. Min. Max. Min. Max. Min.
January 19 2 20 8 24 7
February 20 4 21 8 26 8
March 25 8 27 11 33 12
April 30 11 30 16 35 18
May 30 16 30 19 35 20
June 30 20 30 20 35 23
July 20 21 30 21 33 24
August 29 20 30 21 33 24
September 27 19 29 20 32 22
October 23 15 27 18 31 18
November 23 4 23 11 29 12
December 20 2 20 8 24 8

Rainfall Chart (In mm.)

Months Kathmandu Pokhara Chitwan
January 25 15 10
February 25 15 10
March 75 30 10
April 50 50 15
May 100 300 200
June 225 575 300
July 375 800 500
August 360 700 450
September 175 575 400
October 50 220 100
November 10 20 5