Climb the Mountain in Nepal

Peak Climbing in Nepal

Peak climbing in Nepal

Thirty-three trekking peaks in Nepal ranging altitude from 5587m [Mardi Himal] to 6654m [Mera Peak] is NMA permitted mountain climbing peaks. Climbing these snowy peaks is great to start for the mountaineering career. Every mountaineer who dreams to scale mighty 8000 meters begin their climbing career from peaks in the foothills of Himalayas. It says, mountain peaks in Nepal offer Up to End of all natural and geographical scenery which is unforgettable. They acquire necessary climbing skills while conquering the summits of these peaks. Moreover, climbing these peaks is itself a great achievement.

Peak climbing in Nepal is not only summit goal but also a great way to learn climbing knowledge. Back up and safety skills in the high-altitude climbing routes, experience of climbing equipment pack and camping crews, ready to eat energy foods and mental challenge of your body.

Asunder from the apparent highlights of peak climbing in Nepal like wondering Himalayan topography. Exploration to admired high altitude Buddhist Temples, cultural encounter in Sherpa Villages. Treat walking through the alpine woodlands of UNESCO preserved areas it offers a lot more. For example, the Shangri-La of snow-capped peaks in the neighborhood from the summit of any peak is an exceptional view. Treading over the glacial trails, camping in the absolute wilderness in between lofty peaks, gripping rope works. And, interesting crampon boots skills are the challenging culmination of peak climbing in Nepal.

Top Climbing Peaks in Nepal

Mera Peak and Island peak are the top ranging royalty collector climbing peaks of Nepal navigated in Mt. Everest trial. Both climbing peaks are well-known among the mountain climbing community in the world. Chulu East peak is supreme giant climbing peak in the Annapurna circuit trek route. Tent peak (known as Tharpu Chuli) in Annapurna Langtangh Yala Peak is royalty-free climbing peaks in Nepal. Those are located in Northern Annapurna Sanctuary and Lang-tang Valley. Lobuche peak and Naya kanga peak are less touristic and high technical climbing peaks navigated in the corner of Everest Chola pass trekking and Langtang National Park. Book your favorite peak climbing packages, best price and value offered for the season – Spring/Autumn 2023/24.

Best time for peak climbing in Nepal

Traveling to Nepal is good for all seasons however for trekking and mountain climbing holidays, spring and Autumn seasons are best. You can climb the peaks in Nepal any of your suitable time with the full support and guiding service by Sherpa. And paying teak/climbing permit royalty through the local trek company. However, the best and suitable time for peak climbing in Nepal is spring (March till May) and Autumn September till November) season.  These seasons are best for trekking in Nepal. Because of less rain, less snow level in the mountains, and pretty warm weather in the mountain, many people participant for climbing and expedition to the Himalayas to get the successful summit.

How to climb the mountain peaks in Nepal

To climb the peaks in Nepal you are required physically fit and fine. Arrange the peak climbing permits through the Trekking company via NMA (Neal Mountaineering Association) by applying full of the information of your personal detail. A License holder climbing Sherpa is required for climbing peaks in Nepal. Most of the climbing peaks to climb; you need to prepare personal climbing equipment gears. Those climbing gears, you may bring from your home either can hire from Kathmandu or near to Base camp. Or you can buy a package with an all-inclusive tour through the Nepali company.

The local climbing Sherpa instruct you some of the basic knowledge of climbing rules, to use the gears and safety instruction. Most of the climbing peaks of Nepal you will get summit the same day and within a day come back to base camp. So, it means every climber they spend minimum 2 to 3 days in Base camp for climbing. The rest of the time they do involve trekking to and back from Kathmandu.

Peak Climbing in Nepal

Tent Peak Climb

Tent Peak Climbing - 16 Days

Tent Peak Climbing aka Tharpu Chuli (5,663m) is one of the popular trekking peaks in the Himalayan Range of Annapurna. One of the most frequently climbed peaks of Nepal is a beautiful climbing adventure in Nepal because it is...

Duration: 16 Days
Lobuche Peak Climb

Lobuche Peak Climbing - 18 Days

One of a sharp peak to climb, standing on the corner of Everest Base Camp trek and Chola pass hold the technical climbing routes of Nepal. Lobuche Peak 6,119m lies in very close proximity to Khumbu Glacier. It looms above...

Duration: 18 Days
USD 2450
Chulu East Peak Climb

Chulu East Climb - 20 Days

Chulu East Peak 6,564m is one of the most admired climbing peaks of Nepal. And the highest trekking peak of the Mt. Annapurna circuit trekking route. The peak looms high above the Manang valley in Damodar Himal. The Chulu East...

Duration: 20 Days
Mera Peak Climb

Mera Peak Climbing - 16 Days

Mera Peak Climbing (6,476m) – the highest trekking peak in Nepal has been the goal of aspiring high altitude climber is of low risk since it was first climbed in 1953. Mera peak is a non-technical snowy peak to...

Duration: 16 Days
USD 2450
naya kanga peak climb

Naya Kanga Climb - 16 Days

Naya Kanga Peak 5846m small mountain in the southern side of Langtang Himal. A popular climbing peak in Langtang Region caters to the moderate level climbing adventure in the Central Himalayas of Nepal. Alpine Grade PD climbing expedition in...

Duration: 16 Days
Island Peak Everest Trek

Island Peak Climbing - 18 Days

Island peak is the 6,189m high mountain top in Nepal’s Everest region likewise called Imja Tse. Probably the peak is beautiful island of snow in the Everest Region. On a wonderful adventurous trek to Island Peak summit. You cross...

Duration: 18 Days
USD 2450

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