Stroll short treks in Nepal

Short and Easy Treks

Experience Naturally Nepal on foot within short holidays time with Family

Short and easy treks in Nepal  for beginners

Nepal is always a bucket list for adventure hiking and backpacking and active or leisure exploration. In the natural beauty country, you can choose varieties of hiking options as per your time-limits, experience, and fitness level or soft and easy adventure hiking holidays. It very depends on you

We offer you choice choice of short and easy treks in Nepal as your wish. The trekking routes of Nepal, you can experience the real taste of mountain scenery, rural villages, remoteness atmosphere, and get the natural beauty experiences, by culture, diverse landscapes, and wildlife on foot.

Short and easy treks are suitable for those who avoid high altitude and not spend more time on the mountains and your preferred festival or ceremony time like Christmas and New Year holidays.

There are such scenic, short and easy trekking routes below 4000 meters altitude level in Nepal, where you can see and get the best experiences of the world’s highest Himalayas view, natural beauties, and some of the cultural experiences through Nepali guides. Not only that but also you will really enjoy it if you are a food lover or foodie traveler. The local cuisine and season organic Himalayan herbs and fresh traditional kitchen are always so tasty and every people love so much.

List of the popular, short, and easy trek routes of Nepal.

The Kathmandu Valley Trek – 3 to 5 days up to 2600m – Stay on local lodges.

Poonhill sunrise trek 3 to 7 days up to 3210 m. – stay on the local guest house.

Khopra ridge trek in Annapurna 5 to 7 days up to 4400m – Stay on community lodge.

Mardi Himal – Fishtail  Eco-lodges trek up to 4400m– 4 to 7 days – stay at Eco-lodges.

Pikey peak trek – Best Everest View trek up to 3600m – 5 to 7 days – homestay trek.

Everest Panorama Tengboche trek up to 4000m 3 to 8 days – Sherpa Lodge

Gosainkunda – Frozen Lake trek – 6 to 7 days up to 4300m – lodge trek.

Short and Easy Treks

Phopra Hill Trek

Khopra Hill Trek - 8 Days

The Khopra hill or Khopra danda Known as Khopra Ridge trek is alternative trek route after the most popular Poon Hill Trek in Annapurna. The Khopra ridge trek takes you even higher and a closer view of pristine Himalayas...

Duration: 8 Days
USD 900
Kathmandu Day hiking tour

Day Hiking - 01 Day

Day hiking in Kathmandu is great fun walking tour in the mid-hills around Kathmandu where authentic culture, Beautiful view of mountains, and landscapes awaits. The day hiking in Nepal can be a great fun walking adventure. Taking the pleasure...

Duration: 01 Day
USD 75
Bigu Gompa Trek

Bigu Gompa Trekking - 09 Days

The Bigu Gompa rebuilding trekking route is one of most effected trek route of Nepal after earthquake. We only able to operate camping trek, staying in tented camp and provided food by our own kitchen crew for this route...

Duration: 09 Days
Pikey Peak Trek

Pikey Peak Trek - 07 Days

Review Overview Best Trek in Nepal SUMMARY 5.0 Pikey Peak Trek – 7 days short and easy and unexplored trek with the best view of Mt. Everest panorama Pikey peak is one of the best hilltops to see the...

Duration: 07 Days
USD 565
Poon Hill Trek Sunrise

Poon Hill Trek - 7 Days

Poon Hill trek is one of the selected, Scenic, and Reliable short trekking in Nepal insight Annapurna Conservation Area to see the grater Himalayas, Sunrise and sunset view. The most frequented trek in Annapurna Region, Poon Hill Trek is...

Duration: 7 Days
USD 535
Trekking in Kathmandu

Kathmandu Trekking - 08 Days

Kathmandu Trekking – Short and simple trek around the Kathmandu valley that goes by means of Shivapuri National Park lose timberland, splendid perspective on the Himalayas, and unpleasant towns climbing involvement with Nepal’s mid-slopes. In Kathmandu trekking, there is...

Duration: 08 Days
USD 500

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