Helambu Trekking

Helambu Trekking – Short and easy treks in Nepal that offer vibrant Hylmo cultural, pilgrimage and mid-hill hiking experience of Ama Yangri Peak that follows ancient Buddhist philosophy. The Helambu trek is a great way to peep into the typical rural culture of Nepal and savor the magnificence of the Tibetan – Hylmo Buddhism gallery. It is a soft adventurous trek in Nepal enclosed to the Langtang Helambu Trekking route towards to Shivapuri National Park.

Helambu valley trek is the land of the goddess, medication place of famous Tantrik guru Milarepa, the home of snow cover fertility in the Himalayas and peaceful Buddhist temples and followers from generation. Ama Yangri peak is mother goddess of Helambu valley that offer picturesque view of Himalayas and the colorful Buddhist prayer flags on the hill looks so attractive.

Main Features of Helambu Trek are:

  • Short and Easy trek that offers vibrant Hylmo culture
  • Exploring Ama Yangri Peak
  • Explore the Buddhist temples and sightseeing of beautiful prayer flags
  • Passing along dense forests and rivers to reach the destination
  • Observe Tibetan – Hylmo Buddhism Gallery

How to Reach Helambu

The Helambu trek begins at Sundarijal, a beautiful destination near Kathmandu. As soon as the trek kicks off it begins to reward with the Himalayan views and typical rural culture of Nepalese mid-hills. The trek winds through the mid-hill villages of central Nepal, which surround Kathmandu Valley and hence the trek caters the great views of deep valleys including Kathmandu. Hike from Sundarijal towards Kutumsang from where you can enjoy the beautiful landscapes. From Kutumsang we hike through dense rhododendron and fir forests and reach Thadapati. From Thadapati, we hike along the Melamchi river to reach Melamchi village – home to local Sherpas. We pass along the Sherpa settlements to reach Tarke Ghyang.

A beautiful Tamnag village indside Helambu. Passing Tarke Ghynag, we move towards Melamchi Gaon, and start to explore the village of Melamchi. From Melamchi Gaon, we pass along Sarmanthang to reach Ama Yangri Peak. From Ama Yangri Peak we observe the breathtaking Sunset view. Ama Yangri Peak is also known as “Mother of Goddess” by local people. After enjoying the sunset at Ama Yangri Peak, we hike towards Melamchi Bazar.  Exploring tea-houses along the way and enjoy the hot teas. From Melamchi Bazar we drive back to Kathmandu.

Best time to visit Helambu

All round the year, you can trek Helambu.