Guerrilla Trek Nepal

Guerrilla trekking is one of the few trekking trails in the unexplored region of the far western part of Nepal. Guerrilla trekking is a newly opened trek that started recently. This entire trekking trail by guerrilla trek presented an isolated but easy trekking route ready to be explored by enthusiastic trekker known as guerrillas. The name guerrilla trekking is directly related to the Maoist Guerrillas of the first civil war in Nepal. By exploring the guerrilla trails, trekkers can see the routes, hideouts and shelters used by guerrillas during the interstate conflict (1996-2006). As the name implies, the area has been very peaceful these days.

The main attractions are fascinating waterfalls, caves, lakes such as Kamala Daha (Lotus Sea) and Sun Daha, and the high Himalayan to the north. Rice grows up to the central hills, barley, corn, millet, wheat, potatoes, and even apples and apricots formed in the upper hills of the region. The area has many beautiful alpine pastures that are used as monsoon pastures for cattle and buffalo. And forage Yarshagunba (also known as Himalayan Viagra) in the steep highlands.

Main Features of Guerrilla Trek are:

  • Spectacular view of Mount Dhaulagiri
  • Experience a wide variety of Language, Tradition and Ethnic group of people
  • The unchanged lifestyle of Mountain people
  • Low altitude route through remote areas
  • Explore alpine landscapes and see captivating waterfalls, caves and lakes

How to Trek Guerrilla

The trail begins and ends with Annapurna and Dhaulagiri trekking. Continue through the Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve to Rukum and Rolpa. This is the area where the Maoist civil war in Nepal began and they set up their headquarters. The only hunting ground in Nepal, the ethical villages of Magar and Gurung. And wilderness trekking where you can witness the rich culture and see wildlife. During the trek, we provide you with basic family accommodation and local organic food. It lasts up to 13 days. Large meadows with high ridges and pine forests always offer spectacular views of the Dhaulagiri Mountains. While trails have historical appeal, there are also challenges in raising local awareness about how to benefit from infrastructure and tourism.

Best Time to Trek Guerrilla

You can travel the Guerrilla trails all year round.