Mustang Overland Tour

Mustang overland jeep tour covers the Mysterious Himalayan Kingdom one of unforgettable experience. Is one of the few areas where the original Tibetan culture been preserved. It has been long isolated from the outside world, even today visited by a few tourists with special permits. Mustang belonging to the cultural identity of Nepal. The Mustang jeep tour via Jomsom, Lo-Mantahng via Muktinath Temple is one of a lifetime memory.

The Mustang region has a unique landscape between the Mt. Annapurna, Mt. Dhaulagiri, and Tibet border on the north-side. Impressive formations of Rocks, Castles, send desert and Buddhist Monasteries in front of snowy mountains valley. By driving on jeeps in this dramatic area, you will cross many ethical colorful Tibetan architect monasteries in villages.

Journey to the Lost Tibet

This journeys to Upper Mustang by 4WD drive is a wonderful adventure which is not mistaken holiday in Nepal for all. No matters, you are active adventures or comfort seekers. This bustling and dusty adventure drive to Mustang capital lo-manthang you will enjoy a lot. Crossing the wooden bridges over Kali River by jeep, most famous windy hills and passes over 4000 meters you can capture the picturesque view.

The Lo-Manthang city, Tsarang village, Lho Gager and Ghar Gompa are the most oldest monastery in upper mustang. Walking and drive-in through the longest Buddhist prayer wall from Ghami village and the colorful rocky mountain are more attraction of Mustang Tour. The unofficial kingdom of Lo-Manthang city itself surrounded by boundary. There are 4 different monasteries and Buddhist school and the king palace are very interesting and good way to learn local live-hood.

Day side trip to Tsoshar and Namgyal Gompa either drive to Tibet border is another option, from the Monastery. You will see the whole Mustang city view. The Kagbeni village, Kaligandaki river, and Muktinath temple is more famous pilgrimage hub for Hindus and Buddhists. Drive along the world deepest gorge between two 8000 meters mountains Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Dhaulagiri is another highlight of jeep tour to Mustang. The tour begin and end in popular nestled tourist destination Pokhara.

Mustang Trekking

Mustang is an unofficial Buddhist kingdom of Nepal, known as the lost Tibetan territories lies northwest of Mt. Annapurna and Mt. Dhaulagiri Himalayas.  Upper Mustang trekking is the ultimate open museum and live gallery of old Buddhist kingdom, Tibetan Buddhist Arts, Isolated landscapes, and vivid natural beauties, which is still closely like Tibet.

Upper Mustang is restricted region for foreign travelers and hence the trekkers to Mustang area needed to obtain the special permit. The special permit costs the US $500 for the first ten days and 50 dollars per day for additional days. It caters to the outstanding views of scenic mountains, which have interesting myths attached to their colors. The Mustang trek also offers the unique culture of people of Lo-Manthang (Capital of Upper Mustang).

Main Highlights of Mustang Trekking are:

  • Lo-Manthang is the capital of Upper Mustang (unofficial Buddhist Kingdom)
  • Observe the scenic views of Mountains like Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, and Mt. Nilgiri with others
  • Visit monasteries like Chhairo Monastery and Ghar Gompa
  • Muktinath Temple, a sacred place for Hindusm and Buddhism pilgrims
  • Celebrate Tiji festival with the local commune peoples

Mustang Trekking Guide

Mustang Trekking start point is the most popular touristic town of Nepal, Pokhara. The scenic flight from Pokhara takes you to the airstrips of Jomsom from where the real trek begins. Treading along the trails of Lower Mustang in Kali Gandaki Valley, the trek goes through Kagbeni (the borderline from where the restricted region of Upper Mustang begins). As the trek goes beyond Kagbeni, it begins to cater to the landscapes, which are dramatically barren yet so beautiful. As the Mustang trek goes closer towards Lo-Manthang, the trekkers get to see the sky burials in the caves. It represents ancient death rituals of the people of Upper Mustang, who migrated to the region from Tibet centuries ago. At Mustang the ruins of the ancient palaces of the king of Upper Mustang are a primary highlight. The places in close proximity of Lo-Manthang highlight fascinating remote villages and ancient monasteries.

The other adventure of Upper Mustang Trek include the incredible Himalayan panorama of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Mt. Annapurna, and Mt. Nilgiri among others. The spirituality of Buddhism can be observed in the monasteries like Chhairo Monastery and Ghar Gompa. Similarly, the trek also caters to the culture of Bons in the Monastery at Lubra Valley as well as Hinduism at the sacred temple of Muktinath.

Upper Mustang Tiji Festival is a 3 days-long festival celebrated in the – Upper Mustang, Lo-Manthang. The mysterious Buddhist festival one of the main celebrations in the upper Mustang. In the year 2023, They celebrate the Tiji festival from 07th May till 10th May. However, day 2nd and 3rd is more colorful with the various mask dance performance by Buddhist monks and lamas. Sign up today if you are interested in this festival trek to Mustang and for detail please Read details/blog about the Tiji festival.

Best Time to Trek Mustang

The Spring and Fall seasons are the busiest times to travel Mustang. We operate the tours for Mustang Trekking from April – October. Even in Monsoon season you can trek Mustang as entire Upper Mustang lies in a rain-shadow area in the trans-Himalayan mountain region. In May, you can observe the Tiji festival celebrated by the Buddhist pilgrims.