Mountain Flight Nepal

Mt. Everest Flight Tour

Mountain flight Nepal is the Mt. Everest sightseeing tour in the shortest possible time by taking a flight from Kathmandu airport. The Everest Flight – Boarding a window sitter plane to fly over the Mt. Everest is an adventurous air journey that lasts in our memories forever. The Everest flight is an hour-long adventure that winds in the sky above Nepal’s most rugged terrains of the mid-hills and flies in front of widespread Himalayan Range in the Everest.

During the Everest Scenic Flight in Nepal, every client gets a seat that assures the best aerial views of the Himalayas including the Mt. Everest and other Himalayas summits and landscapes that come in between. The best part of the flight involves being in the air facing the top of the world – Everest.

Everest Flight is a short and safe adventure that caters an opportunity for travelers to quickly go around the world’s highest peak and take its pictures. Hence, if you have missed a glimpse of Mount Everest and have a strong desire to view this beautiful white beast, book an Everest Flight in Nepal with us. We guarantee you a ride of a lifetime.

Kathmandu Chitwan Lumbini Tour

Kathmandu Chitwan Lumbini tour is the paramount encounters to Cultural, Heritage, and Wildlife treasures tour in Nepal. The tour allows you to explore the Nepal highlight and wildlife diversities.

Kathmandu and Culture:

Kathmandu valley- the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu also rings equally wonderful neighboring towns Patan and Bhaktapur. Housing seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites and collectively thousands of other scattered heritages. In the historically and religiously noteworthy courtyards and the shrines of Kathmandu Valley, the artistic stone, wooden and metallic arcades of ancient and medieval Nepal are wonderful highlights. Kathmandu also boasts on the culture of native Newars and their vibrant festivals.

Chitwan National Park:

Chitwan has probably the best-opted wildlife park for a wildlife adventure in entire Asia. The protected park in close proximity of urban town Bharatpur, the park caters wildlife safari on the back of giant Asian elephant, which is amazingly fun. Green forests, wide grasslands, and wetlands where travelers always hope to encounter rare and gripping adventure at Chitwan. Furthermore, the traditional stick dance performed by the ethnic Tharu tribe in the neighborhood could be great fun amidst the bonfire.

Lumbini – Birth Place of Lord Buddha

The spiritual and peaceful destination, Lumbini in the Western Terai is another highlight of this cultural tour of Nepal. Explore Puskarani Pond, Ashoka Pillar, Mayadevi Temple, and many modern monasteries built by the governments of different nations at Lumbini. Lumbini is also the only Cultural UNESCO World Heritage Site in Nepal that lies beyond the Kathmandu Valley.

This tour best suits to those travelers who prefer culture and wildlife. Overall, this tour can also be named the Tour of UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nepal as it takes you to 9 such sites out of 10.

Lumbini Chitwan Kathmandu tour all Nepal discover tour package designed by the Nepal Footprint Holiday.