Where is Nepal

Nepal lies in between the latitude of 26 0 22’ to 30 0 27’ North and in the longitudinal line between 800 4’ to 88 0 12’ East. The Himalayan Nation Nepal has the stretch of 2200km of Himalayas, hence making this beautiful landlocked country the great Himalayan Nation. Nepal nestles in between two most populous countries; India to East, West and South and China to the North. From 70m in Kachan Kalan, the lowest altitude in Nepal, the elevation of Nepal goes up to the world’s highest point 8,848m – the summit of Everest.

The home to more than hundred different ethnic tribes, Nepal is the birthplace of Gautama Buddha. The greatest trekking hub in the Indian Sub-continent, Nepal lies amongest the longest stretch of the Himalayas bordering Tibet – the Autonomous Region of China.


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