Wildlife Safari in Nepal

Jungle Safari in Nepal

Jungle Safari in Nepal is a great opportunity to explore the wildlife of Nepal’s lowland protected parks. Thirty-nine percentage of Nepal’s total land is comprised of the forested region and 25 % of it falls under 14 different National Parks or Conserved Areas scattered throughout the country.

We operate Jungle Safari in three protected parks that lie in the lowland Terai of Nepal. Chitwan National Park, Bardia National Park & Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve are the best destinations in Nepal for wildlife activities and jungle safari.

Wildlife Activity or Jungle Safari in Nepal involves the Jeep safari (on request) into the deep jungle, where visitors get to see endangered species of mammals and birds including One-horned rhino, Royal Bengal Tiger and Lesser Adjutant among others. The canoe ride in the Jungle Rivers during jungle safari in Nepal allows an opportunity to sight reptiles like Gharial crocodile, mammals like Gangetic dolphin, and several species of residential and migratory birds. Nature walks with expert wildlife guides are great hiking experience in the woods and the jeep drive into the deepest part of the jungle is an exciting wildlife adventure in Nepal. Moreover, jungle safari is also a great opportunity to peep into authentic Tharu culture, the tribe who live in the neighborhoods of protected parks in Terai.

Being the first travel and trekking agency in Nepal, we are proudly announcing that we stop elephant back safari in Nepal.

Unlike Africa, the Jungle Safari in Nepal doesn’t guarantee the sightings of wild species because the animals in the jungles of the Indian sub-continent are relatively shy in nature. However, the chances of sighting these beautiful creatures in the wild grasslands, marshlands, and dense forests are always high and safe. Book a holiday a full-boarded Jungle Safari in Nepal with us and grab an opportunity to witness the wilds of Nepal.

Jungle Safari in Nepal

Koshi Tappu Bird Wildlife Reserve

Koshi Tappu Bird Watching - 04 Days

Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is the smallest wildlife reserve in Eastern Terai of Nepal. It is the protected area covering 175 sq. km of jungle, grasslands and wetlands in south east of Nepal. The best home in Nepal for...

Duration: 04 Days
Bardia National Park

Bardia Wildlife Safari - 04 Days

Bardia National Park in Nepal is Nepal’s lowland biggest wildlife buffer zone. A perfect home to famous endangered species like Royal Bengal Tiger, one-horned Rhinoceros, swamp deer, gharial crocodile, genetic dolphin and black-buck among others, Bardia National Park is...

Duration: 04 Days
USD 500
Chitwan Jungle Safari

Chitwan Jungle Safari - 03 Days

Chitwan National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is a protected jungle that lies in very close to the capital, Kathmandu. The dense jungle, wide grasslands and scattered marshlands are ideal home to some of the fiercest predators and...

Duration: 03 Days

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