Peak Climbing Gears

List of Peak Climbing Gears for Nepal Trekking Peaks.

Nepal Footprint Holiday has complied guide lines and a recommended essential list of trekking peak climbing gears which you help to get summit with fully safe way. We have explained not only essential climbing equipment  list but also personal medical previsions, medical conditions in the mountaineering expeditions preparation. Which all the peak climbing person and expedition member need to remember for their safe climbing trips in Nepal Himalayas.

Following essential peak climbing gears are highly required :

Alpine range Climbing and expedition Harness – It should be light and simple design, easy to carry on your bags with foolproof locking features.

Crampons – Must be fit in your climbing boots and you need to feel comfortable. Crampons are one of major equipment for your climbing period. Steel crampons with anti-balling and ability to toe point positively and safely into ice.

Ice Axe  and Hammer – It should be versatile light weight and general purpose of ice climbing not to be fancy. Must be designed for alpine use. Hammer must be strong enough.

Ascender – Ascender called Jumar as well. It is one of most important equipment use for ascending on fixed rope and main rope. Must be suitable to use in rope with safety gloves  or mittens.

Power controller multi lead lamp – A durable quality head lamp with high quality battery to use at night and early morning climbing purpose.

Karabiners – those you need few, it depend on your expedition and climbing distance and mountains.  Required 2 locking carbines are more useful.

Rappel Device – Figure 8, ACT or similar that safe your life when you rappel down.

Trek/Ski poles – We strongly suggest those poles buy from qualified suppliers only. In the market now you can find similar brand fake poles those can be dangerous for you.  Must be fold-able and light weight designed.

Climbing Safety Helmets – Are most important to protect your life. For crossing ice-falls, snow ladders, hanging ice climbing and stone fall areas.

Sun and Snow Glass – UV  protection  ultra light Sun-glass for your eyes safety from snow and winds.

Oxygen bottles – suggested Summit Series or Russia made with Mask, regulators.

Tape Sling – Some slings 3 meter or 2 meters.

Outerwear clothing in your body – Down Jackets minimum 600 feel power,  Warm Sleeping bags (-20C or more -5F) with liner. water and wind proof gloves, warm cotton or woolen shocks, warm hat, windproof waterproof gore-tex jackets up and down ware sets, inner layer warm clothes, sun cream, lip guard, water thermos and some energy bars. Dry Bags for Camera and other purpose.

Personal Medial kits

Figure out your general climbing equipment picture for peaks and mountains climbing in Nepal.