Wonders of Tibet

Tibet is a dream destination for those who like to travel. Countless snow-capped peaks rise above the roofs of the world, crowned by the inspiring Mount Everest. Over 1,000 lakes lie like blue or green jewels on a large plateau. Wonders of Tibet Tour is 10 days travel package in Tibet to visit – Potala Palace hub of Buddhism, Jokhang Temple, Lhasa city, and Yamdrok Lake and Tibetan Villages. This autonomous region of China, is behind the Himalayan giants. This tour in Tibet will take you to some of the most beautiful wonders in different parts of Tibet.

Main Features of Wonders of Tibet Tour are:

  • Tibet is a dream destination for travel lovers
  • Tibet also has wonderful glaciers, mysterious historic sites, animal sanctuaries, and friendly Tibetans
  • Myth says that the tears of mourning in the sacred mountains feed the river

Tour of Wonders of Tibet

First of all, Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, is amazing in itself. This tour begins by exploring the important landmarks around Lhasa. Explore all places such as Potala Palace, Sera Monastery, Drepung, Ganden Monastery and more. Typical Tibetan Buddhism unfolds in front of us as we explore the typical Barkhor Square. Tibet also has wonderful glaciers, mysterious historic sites, wildlife shelters, and friendly Tibetans.

The Wonders of Tibet Tour continues to Nyingchi via Gongbogyamda. On the way, visit the holy lake of the Red Sect – of Lamaism – Basomtso Lake. Continue the drive to Nyingci along the beautiful Niyang River. The myths say the plaintive tears of holy mountains feed the river. Drive across Mila Pass (5,013m) and stop over to take some pictures of the pristine Tibetan villages, forest, valleys, and glaciers as you make your way to “Lesser Switzerland” – Nyingchi, also known as the Throne of the Sun in the Tibetan language.

The final part of this tour goes along the cities of Friendship Highway like Gyantse, Shigatse, Tingri. It also highlights the highest altitude monastery Rongbuk and the Everest Base Camp of the Tibetan side. The drive across high passes and the views of turquoise lakes like Yam Drok Tso and the great cultural encounters in Tibetan Towns are also the primary highlights of this tour.

Best Time to Tour Tibet

The best time to visit Tibet is between May and October, when the sky is mostly sunny and blue, temperatures reach double digits and the ice melts. Tibet is on a plateau which experience permafrost all year round.

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