The 7 Best Climbing Peaks in Nepal Trek

The Seven Best Climbing Peaks in Nepal

Nepal is a home to many majestic and mind blowing Himalayan beauties including highest mountain ranges, short peaks and climbing peaks. Climbing peaks are the peaks having elevation less than 7000 m from the sea level. Anyone who is physically well and might not have taken special training and equipment can also conquer such peaks.
As the saying goes by, “We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us”. The monotonous hectic city life can be too much to handle sometimes. In this matter what can be better than a trek to the best climbing peaks straight into the majestic Himalayas. The seven peaks mentioned below are the best of the best climbing peaks to be included in one’s bucket list.

Here are the top listed peak to climb the summit while you are on Nepal Trek.

#1: Island Peak

One of the most preferred trekking peaks by most climbers, Island Peak features a beautiful journey to the Solu Khumbu and Everest region. Also known by the name Imja Tse, it offers an eye-captivating view of many Himalayan peaks including Mt. Makalu and many more.

Climb Island Peak in Everest Trek Island Peak Climbing Mountain in Everest Trek

Climbers will be greeted with some of the highest mountains in the world including tallest of all Mt. Everest, not to mention the nearby 8000ers like Lhotse, Cho-Oyu and Mt. Makalu. Thus, this slightly technical yet exciting climb can be a journey worth a lifetime.

Highlights of Island Peak Trip:

  • One of most popular and beautiful climbing peak in Nepal is perfect to Himalayan mountaineering.
  • Surreal view of top highest mountain peaks, glaciers and the glacial lakes.
  • With 99 percent success rate to get summit.
  • Is one of combine journey, the Everest Base Camp Trek.
  • Experience the nature beauties, Himalayan Sherpa culture and remote lands.

Trip Fact
Difficulty: Challenging
Highest altitude: 6189m
Climbing days: 1-2 days
Best time: April-May and October-November
Location: Solukhumbu

#2: Mera Peak

Popularly known as Nepal’s highest trekking peak, Mera is an ideal choice for the climbers who want an introduction to mountaineering. Having relatively non-steep slope it is one of the easiest to conquer even after being the highest peak. Mera is a collection of three summits

Mera Peak Summit view from Mera Base Camp Mera Peak summit from Mera Lodge

Mera North, Mera South and Mera central. Located south east to the Island Peak, it is comparatively easier to climb in spite of its elevation and access. The journey to the peak passes through lush rhododendron forests and mystic Himalayan villages making it a beautiful climb to be remembered forever.

Highlights of Mera Peak

  • Experience the highest trekking peak climbing.
  • Surreal view of Mt. Everest, Mt. Tso Oyu, MT. Makalu and other snowy peaks with deep rocky landscape.
  • Wilderness trek experiences to mera la pass and Tangnag-hinku valley from Lukla.

Trip Fact
Difficulty: Challenging
Highest altitude: 6476m
Climbing days: 3 days
Best time: April-May and October-November
Location: Makalu Barun National Park

#3: Lobuje Peak

A little more challenging than its neighbor peaks, Lobuje is an exciting and adventurous climb for the people who love to explore the Himalayas. Lobuje peak consists of two separate peaks namely Lobuje east and Lobuje west. The Lobuje West is technically hard to approach for the beginners.

On the other hand, Lobuche East Peak features incredible, surreal views of the surrounding Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama Dablam, Cholatse and Pumori. On the way to Lobuche base camp,we get to catch a glimpse of the famous view point Kala Patthar (5,545 m) and Everest base camp (5,363).

Highlights of Lobuje Peak Trip

  • The great high altitudes climbing peak in Khumbu.
  • Arial views of the Khumbu Himalayas.
  • Great alpine climbing experience.

Trip Fact
Difficulty: Adventurous
Highest altitude: 6119m
Climbing days: 3 days
Best time: Mid March to May and October to Mid December
Location: Solukhumbu

#4: Chulu East Peak

A demanding and famous climbing peak in the Annapurna region, Chulu also consists of two separate peaks like the Lobuje peak, namely Chulu East and Chulu West. Both the summits require separate permits to be accessed. Chulu East is a bit more technical and challenging climbs and is recommended for the trekkers with prior experience and excellent physical fitness.

Chulu East Peak Annapurna Chulu East Mountain view from Manang

But the ultimate pleasure of the majestic and panoramic views of the entire Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range along with the close encounter of Tibet and China at the North makes it worth the struggle. Thus, the Chulu East can be the ultimate climb for those who loves to explore hard-earned success.

Highlights of Chulu East Peak

  • One of the popular climbing peaks in Annapurna circuit trek route.
  • Stunning view of Mt. Annapurna rang, Manang, Nar Phu Valley and Mt. Himlung.
  • Experience the natural beauties, culture and mountaineering knowledge.
  • Trekking in Nepal’s best hiking trail.

Trip Fact
Difficulty: Demanding
Highest altitude: 6419m
Climbing days: 6 days
Best time: March-April and October-November
Location: Annapurna region

#5: Tent Peak (Tharpu Chuli)

Ranking third in the Nepalese trekking Peaks, Tent Peak locally popular as the Tharpu chuli is the most climbed peak of the Annapurna region. Having comparatively lower altitude and ease of access, it is the best suited trek for those who want to step up from trekking into amateur mountaineering. The major attraction of this climb is the impressive and close up views of the Annapurna along with other such majestic scenery from the top of the summit.

Tent Peak Climbing Base Camp Tent Peak Climbing Base Camp near Annapurna Sanctuary

Highlights of Tharpu Chuli Peak

  • One of the royalty free climbing peaks in Nepal located in the Annapurna Sanctuary.
  • Surreal view of Mt. Annapurna, Glacier, rocky and snowy Himalayan peaks.
  • Trekking and climbing experience through the Nepal’s best trek route.

Trip Fact
Difficulty: Demanding
Highest altitude: 5663m
Climbing days: 3 days
Best time: March-June and September-December
Location: Annapurna region

#6: Naya kanga Peak

Locally known as Ganja La Chuli, it is the nearest peak from the Kathmandu Valley situated in the Langtang region and is also a very popular peak for climbing. The journey starts with dense forests of rhododendron, oak and slowly leading to a much rockier and marshy land.

Naya Kanga Peak climbign in Langtang Trekking Route to Naya Kanga Climbing peak in Langtang

As this region is mostly known for the natural beauty consisting of peaks, glaciers, waterfalls and lush vegetation, the trail of Naya Kanga becomes a beautiful And amazing experience for the climbers. With awesome hospitality and the great chance of viewing the mountains, this peak proves its worth.

Highlights of Naya Kanga Peak

  • One of the best and popular and less crowd climbing peaks in Langtnag Trek.
  • Arial views of Langtang Lerung, Langtang valley and other snowy peaks of the trek.
  • Experience the Indo Tibeto Tamang Culture, natural forest hike and the wildlife such as Red Panda.

Trip Fact
Difficulty: Challenging
Highest altitude: 5844m
Trekking Days: 14 days
Best time: Autumn and Spring
Location: Langtang region

#7: Larkya Peak

Situated in the western part of Nepal in the Gorkha district, Larkya Peak is one of least climbed in Nepal’s trekking peaks. As the region has very few trekkers and climbers which makes visit more exciting, thrilling and adventurous. The Larkya peak provides an impressive combination of religious heritages, majestic natural beauty and cultural diversity.

Best climbing peak in Nepal Larkya Peak

There are two peaks with the name Larkya which are Sano and Thulo Larkya. Climbing Thulo Larkya can be described as a long walk and climb compared to the Sano Larkya. All in all Larkya Peak can give climbers a lifetime memory of trek and climb with amazing experience of viewing magnificent mountains in the western Nepal remote land.

Highlights of Larkya Peak in Manaslu Trek

  • One of the remote and wildest climbing routes of Nepal in Manaslu circuit Trek.
  • Close view of Mt. Manaslu, glacial lakes, and other snowy peaks from the top.
  • Experience the high altitude climb, natural beauties and the Buddhist culture on the manaslu trek.

Trip Fact
Difficulty: Adventurous
Highest altitude: 6249m
Trekking Days: 18-20 days
Best time: Autumn and spring
Location: Gorkha

Those climbing peaks are popularized by the ranging of altitude and the climbing permits royalty. Although, Nepal has more than 7000 mountain peaks for climbing and many of them are still virgin. So, if you are keen to climb unnamed and virgin peak in the remote area you may get royalty free. Please consult with your operator either with us for all the detail information, climbing rules and the preparation for your climb adventure in Nepal. We are an experience travel entrepreneur always keen to help you always.