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Bisket Jatra Festival Nepal

Bisket Jatra is one of the most popular festival in Bhaktapur, Nepal and the ritual celebration of the ‘the festival after the death of serpent’ and beginning of the Nepali new year festival.  Bisket Jatra is celebrating  few different part of Kathmandu valley, like Bhaktapur, Tokha, Thimi and other places as well. But, the festival […]

Planning a trip to Nepal in 2021/22 consider 5 great itineraries

Welcome to Nepal, the ultimate destination for adventures. When you are planning for a Nepal trip, you might have set what to do and how to do it? Yes, Nepal is the best travel destination for cultural tours, adventure walking, climbing and expeditions. As being the country of Himalayas, most of the travelers set the […]

Tiji Festival Mustang

Tiji Festival – The most popular  and important festival in the Mustang  valley that celebration 3 days  in the court yard of Lo-Manthang City that follow  14th century  Tibetan ritual tradition and represent various myth of Buddhism. Tiji Festival celebrate in the victory of Lord Buddha incarnation Dorjee Sonnu over a demon call Man Tam […]

Elephant Polo World Championship is closed for ever from Nepal

Elephant Polo world championship is officially ended from Nepal after 35 years. The organizer TIGER TOPS groups announced that yesterday.  The event run every year in Nepal and for the championship, they use huge amount elephant to play the polo and give them very hard training like a machine before event. Which is totally against […]

Nepal Election for Stable Tourism

Tourism industries hopes stable government and politics in Nepal after the Election. Nepal Tourism industries expecting an stable government in Nepal specially after the grand parliament election of Nepal.  The election held 07th of December 2017 in a part. Since many years, Nepal has not a stable government and political balance for full time 5 […]

Food and drinks during Trekking in Nepal

You worried about the healthy food and drinks in Nepal !, No worry, Only be patient, make sure and be careful about the meal plan on your trek from your trek /tour agencies. Generally, Nepal is suite for all kinds of vegetation and it grow varieties of natural product to use their kitchen.  Offer you […]

Nepal Trekking Tours

Love the Mountains, Nepal could be your right destination for making trekking tours and adventure holidays. With the world’s highest mountain peaks towering 8000m high from the sea level. You feel exciting while walking through the Himalaya rugged trails experiencing the fresh air, glimpses of Nepalese unique villages and paddy terraces, crossing the holy riverside […]

Tibet Travel Visa Information

As noticed by Chinese Embassy of Nepal, Tibet travel visa and permit will close from September 18th to 28th October for 40 days. During this time, the Embassy will not accept any visa application for all foreigners traveling to Tibet and all of foreigner most out from Tibet. Tibet travel groups who have already booked […]

Trekking and Hiking in Nepal

The Himalayan landlocked country situated at the middle of two big countries China and India, has the numerous Himalayan peaks above 6000m – 8000m. Trekking and Hiking in Nepal Himalayas is the incredible way for experiencing the natural and cultural beauties of Nepal. The hiking adventure to the Himalayas, provide the trekking enthusiasts some unique […]

Royalty free mountain climbing in Nepal

As per the decision of Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, mountains of the height less than 5800m will be promoted as trekking peaks and royalty fee has been waived for those peaks. Hence, the following peaks managed by NMA are free of royalty fee : Tent Peak (5663m) in Annapurna Base Camp Valley. Mardi […]