Tibet Visa Permit

Travel Visa Permit procedures to Tibet

Tibet is not a free land for traveler those who wan to fly/drive or make a adventure sightseeing tours in around there. The autonomous region from China under the all travel invitation and special Tibetan visa required for Tibet traveler. All Necessary Tibet permits, Travel documents and needed doc. can managed by authorized travel and trekking agency form Lhasa with their combined/partnership agency from Kathmandu.  According the latest Chinese policy for Tibet travel. Following documents required at least before 3 weeks for visa and travel permit process to Tibet.

  • An Valid Passport Copy and Detail.
  • All detail Tibet travel plan itinerary and duration.
  • 4 copies of Passport size photographs.

We at Nepal Footprint Holiday would like to assist you in making your Tibet tours, Biking holidays and Kailash tour and adventure of a lifetime as well as trouble free while you with us in Tibet.

Tibet Travel Update 2023

Tibet is open to tourist right now, travelers can go from the mainline china by taking a train or flights to Tibet without any PCR negative test and health code latest update from 08th December 2022. When you get Tibet permits from main line china you allowed to travel in Tibet as it before.  For the overseas tourists, we are expecting to visit Tibet soon in 2023 as china open inbound tourism.  So, it is right time to prepare and plan to Tibet after the COVID-19. Get in touch with us for latest update.

1. General Information on Tibet Travel

Please note that Tibet travel policies might change without a prior notice and even while you are still on your trip. Among other things, closure of border might also take place. Therefore, it is advisable to have insurance with a good cancellation policy. If your Tibet tour is cancelled due to the change in policy, Footprint Holiday will reserve only the required amount and refund you the remainder.

A Chinese visa and Tibetan Travel Permit are mandatory when you are traveling to Tibet. Regulations to visit Tibet are subject to change before you depart and even when you are in Tibet. Currently, foreigners must be part of a group (Group Visa) who enter and exit Tibet on the same itinerary.

As it is difficult to get your group visa extended, we therefore suggest that you clearly mention your desired programs to us during the trip-planning phase. Only then will we be able to arrange your visa and permit.

The Tibet entry permit can only be issued 3 weeks prior of your arrival in Tibet. Footprint Holiday will help you organize and acquire the permit. Please note that your permit will be checked at the airport in Lhasa and on trains from China to Tibet as well as some hotels in Tibet.

Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months before traveling. Passports with less than six months’ validity will not be provided a visa. You need two passport-sized photos for the visa application. We advise you to bring an extra just in case.

You are not allowed to take any Tibetan religious books, Lonely Planet books, and photographs of or related to the Dalai Lama during your travel to Tibet. If the above mentioned items are found in your possession, they will be confiscated and you will not be allowed to enter Tibet.

Please also note that diplomats, journalists, professional media photographers, and government officials are not able to receive their Tibetan permit through Footprint Holiday. They are only able to travel to Tibet under the arrangement of the Foreign Affairs Department, Economic Development Committee, or some other such government agency.