Trekking in Nepal for Vegetarian

Vegetarian holiday in Nepal- Eat, sleep and dream nature

If you are pure vegetarian if you are interested in becoming vegetarian, we have a wonderful walking holiday for you in the Himalayas of Nepal.  So stop looking for special vegetarian holiday and elsewhere and decide to trek with us into the isolated tranquil Himalayas, where we will cater you the ideal holiday if have dream of eating the organic vegetables and cereals grown by the locals living in Highland Nepal.

Growing the vegetables and grains in their fields and eating them as staple food is the pure Nepalese tradition. Nepal Footprint Holiday has attempted to incorporate this ancient tradition of 80% Nepalese into tourism activity, which is truly a new experience for the travelers of the west, who have never practiced such lifestyle.

During Vegetarian Treks in Nepal with us, we guarantee that we will provide you 100% organic homegrown food. At the meantime, we are trying to support and encourage the farmers who have into the business of growing organic foods for years.

Those activities we can organize for you in the heart of Kathmandu city and in the villages that nestle in the lush mid-hills of Nepal.  We do organize special Hindus and Buddhist pilgrimage sightseeing and tours with pure veg. meal for you. As a Vegetarian Guide, we know how to run a special Vegetarian Holidays in Nepal.

Book a vegetarian holiday with us in Nepal and allow us an opportunity to cater you a trip of a lifetime that is definitely going to change your life forever.