Tibet Biking

Riding a two-wheeler always allows travelers to experience being a part of the environment they have pedaled through. Biking in Tibet is larger than this. We have reasons to justify it. First, few of us get an opportunity to cycle along the rugged trails that stretch right below the world’s highest peaks. Secondly, the feeling every cyclist gets to enjoy being at such a wonderful and peaceful place during biking in Tibet has no match to any other cycling adventures that take place around the globe.

Mountain Biking in Tibet is genuinely a lifetime pedaling journey that caters challenges, wonders, and most importantly experience grander than life itself. The ride through elevated passes, the views of landscapes that would forever bring smiles on your faces and the culture that spellbinds you in every next stopover point after long hours of biking through remote Tibetan trails.

Tibet is truly amazing and to explore this amazing corner of the earth being into it is more fascinating than any other kind of holiday you could imagine to spend in Tibet. Rugged trails and one is pedaling on it putting the lofty Himalayas on one of its sides- what could a cyclist want more than this. Sacred highland monasteries, deep turquoise lakes, authentic Tibetan towns, towering Himalayan peaks, great Tibetan people, and exceedingly wonderful Tibetan culture and you to get submerged into it.

We conduct Tibet Biking Trips with a quality bicycle, top-notch cycling gears, and expert guides. Book a Biking Trip to Tibet 2021/22 and allow yourself to be a part of the most beautiful nature.

Tibet Biking

Kailash Bike tour

Biking to Kailash - 15 Days

Mountain bike tour to Kailash Mansoarivar is one of the thrilling bike riding holidays along the Trans Himalayan plateau in Tibet and Nepal Pilgrimage route. The Kailash 15 days Mountain bike journeys begin from Kathmandu, goest to the Lalung...

Duration: 15 Days
Cycling Lhasa Kathmandu

Tibet Nepal Biking - 22 Days

Tibet Nepal Cycling Tour is a dream of every cyclist, mixed riding trail through Everest base camp, Rongbuk monastery, Lalung la pass, Kerung border to Kathmandu, and Tibetan Nomad-en villages on the roof of the world. Lhasa to Kathmandu...

Duration: 22 Days

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