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Tour in Nepal has unlimited varieties. Cultural, historical and spiritual treasure troves in Kathmandu are Nepal wonders, that back to medieval and ancient eras, the wildlife activities in protected forests of lowland Terai, the natural magnificence in Pokhara and other hilltops are great cultural tour encounters in Nepal. Moreover, the extreme adventure in water and sky are also an integral part of cultural tours in Nepal. Every place traveler explores around Nepal, unfolds something beautiful and unique making tour in Nepal meaningful.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Kathmandu Valley are rich with cultural, historical, and spiritual old monuments and shrines as well as artistic palace squares of medieval kingdoms. The culture of the indigenous Newar community, who love to celebrate most of the days of every calendar year, is a fascinating highlight to observe inside this heritage valley.

Best time for the tour in Nepal

According to the Nepal traveler reviews and most popular guide books; Autumn and Spring is the best time for the tour in Nepal. During this time, the weather stays more stable, colorized, sunny days, and blue skies. However, due to the complex nature of Nepal Himalayas climate and geography, Nepal is simply the best for all seasons. There are increasing travelers to Nepal during the winter and summer seasons too.

Natural Wonders tours in Nepal

Chitwan National Park and Sagarmatha National Park, these two natural World Heritage Sites along with 12 other wildlife reserves and parks are ideal habitats of many endangered species of birds and animals. Pokhara, a naturally blessed town caters the excellence of nature with beautiful clear lakes, deep-seated gorges and caves, the Himalayan panorama of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna ranges including the most beautiful mountain Fishtail. It is also the hub of Aerial Adventure catering thrills of Paragliding, Bungee Jumping, Zip Flying, Skydiving, and Ultralight Mountain Flights. Tours in Nepal also highlights Lumbini, the birthplace of Buddha. Lumbini is one of the UNESCO heritage sites in Nepal.

The tour of Nepalese rural villages close to urban areas allows you to witness the ethnic cultures of rural Nepal. The thrilling torrents of raging Himalayan River during whitewater adventures and spellbinding sunrises and sunsets from hundreds of hilltops are also great retreats during tours in Nepal.

Your Nepal tour makes special and Worthwhile with Nepal Footprint Holiday…

Why Nepal tour packages with-NFH?

We have locally owned a very experienced guide team that provides you up to date information on every corner of Nepal and about. Understand and read the local which we like to share with you. Our tailor-made Nepal tour itinerary explains real Nepal by real people. We never canceled our tours when we book. All of our tours are sure departure. Our itinerary suit from a single person to a group or family holiday and personal interested people. Always provide you our quality and safety with the first-class transport service we provide. Our team is always happy to serve you with a smile on your Nepal Tours package and after. We always take care of you and your holiday personally.

All Nepal tour packages are cost-effective for everyone. We have all kinds of tours like pilgrimage tours, leisure holiday tours, honeymoon tours, adventure tours, village and home-stay tours, cultural and sightseeing tours, wildlife safari tours, sunrise and sunset tours, and Nepal city tours. You can also customize our tour itineraries according to your availability of time and budget.

Tour in Nepal

Nepal Adventure Holiday

Nepal Adventure Trekking Tour - 12 Days

Nepal is a well-known country for the trekking tour in the world. With the snow-capped 8 out of 14 mighty Himalayan peaks including Mount Everest (8848m), adventure seekers from all over the world visit Nepal every year to enjoy...

Duration: 12 Days
Yoga Holidays in Nepal

Yoga Holidays in Nepal - 14 Days

You can book your Yoga Holidays in Nepal with us to enjoy traveling Yoga, yoga classes, and yoga holidays. Nepal, with spectacular Trans Himalayas and spiritual significance, is one of the best places for Yoga holidays. The Capital city,...

Duration: 14 Days
Kathmandu Lumbini Tour

Kathmandu Chitwan Lumbini Tour - 08 Days

Kathmandu Chitwan Lumbini tour is the paramount encounters to Cultural, Heritage, and Wildlife treasures tour in Nepal, which allows you to explore the Nepal highlight and wildlife diversities. Kathmandu: Kathmandu valley- including the Nepalese capital, Kathmandu also rings equally wonderful...

Duration: 08 Days
Nepal Honeymoon Tour

Nepal Honeymoon Package Tour - 07 Days

Nepal has many romantic and peaceful places, which best suit the newly wedded couples or the couples willing to celebrate their anniversaries- way we call it a honeymoon. Nepal Footprint Holiday has designed a Honeymoon Tour in Nepal, which...

Duration: 07 Days
Buddhist Tour in Nepal

Buddhist Tour in Nepal - 09 Days

Buddhist Tour in Nepal begins with the exploration of the most significant Buddhist related sites of Kathmandu Valley. Buddhism is not a religion in Nepal; it is rather a philosophy. The signs of Buddhism and the followers of Buddhism are...

Duration: 09 Days
USD 1150
Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal

Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal - 07 Days

Pilgrimage Tour in Nepal takes you to all the major Hindu shrines of Nepal. We begin our Pilgrimage Tour from the Mega Hindu Shrine of the entire world- the Temple of Pashupatinath. We explore around the temple, offer prayers...

Duration: 07 Days
Mountain Mystical Tour

Mountain Mystical Nepal - 07 Days

Mountain Mystical Nepal Tour operated by the responsible travel and trekking agency, Nepal Footprint Holiday Treks, is a combined package tour of Kathmandu City Sightseeing Tour, Everest Experience Flight Tour and Pokhara Scenic Tour. During the tour, you will...

Duration: 07 Days
Culture Safari Nepal

Culture Safari Nepal - 07 Days

Cultural safari Nepal – A natural & Wildlife Tour is probably the best fusion of Nepal’s best of cultural, natural, and wildlife encounters. We explore the wonderful heritage of medieval and ancient Nepal of Kathmandu Valley. The tour allows...

Duration: 07 Days
Explore Nepal Tour

Exploring Nepal Tour - 05 Days

Exploring Nepal Tour is the overall tour package in Nepal. It caters visit and exploration of UNESCO Heritage Sites of Kathmandu Valley, the scenic mountain flight to the land of soaring Himalayas, and the visit to the most popular hilltop...

Duration: 05 Days
USD 350
Kathmandu Valley Tour

Kathmandu Valley Tour - 04 Days

Kathmandu valley, the cultural hub of Nepal is also the center of major festival celebration in Nepal. Comprising three equally fascinating cities; Kathmandu, Patan and Bhaktapur this Heritage Valley in Nepal once went through intense art war between the...

Duration: 04 Days
USD 350
Kathmandu Day Tour

Day Tours in Kathmandu - 01 Day

Kathmandu valley is comprised of three medieval towns forming a triangle. Kathmandu, Bhaktapur and Patan with the plenty of ancient and medieval heritage sites are the cultural hub of Nepal despite of being modern and cosmopolitan towns. Known as...

Duration: 01 Day
USD 85
Everest Helicopter Tour

Helicopter tours to Everest Base Camp - 01 Day

The world’s highest Himalaya sightseeing tour by helicopter within 3 to 4 hours, including Breakfast on the lap of Mt. Everest and more mighty Himalayas is the only alternative option to see Everest by chopper. This Helicopter tours to...

Duration: 01 Day
USD 1499

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