Nepal Expedition

Nepal Expedition

Undergo Mountain Expeditions in Nepal

Mountaineering in Nepal has been the greatest alpine adventure for almost more than a century. Mountaineers from all over the world travel to this part of the globe to conquer some of the highest peaks including Mt. Everest.
Mountaineering Expedition in Nepal with us includes the technically challenging Mountains to climb. Peaks like Ama Dablam, Pumori, and Baruntse are popular peaks for Mountaineering Expeditions in Everest Region. Himlung Peak nestling beyond Narphu in Annapurna Himalayan Range is also a wonderful peak for climbing expedition.

Expert Climbing guides, top-notch climbing gears, and properly tailored itinerary allowing proper acclimatization to make Climbing Expedition a safe and adventurous venture with us. Mountaineering in Nepal undoubtedly caters advantages of all trekking highlights, which include incredible indigenous culture, the biodiversity of floras and faunas, and enchantingly diverse landscapes comprising lush hills, gorges, and the snow-capped Himalayas. In case of emergency, we are capable of making an immediate rescue, which assures your safety required during the extremely challenging escapade in the middle of isolated remote Himalayas.

Book an Expedition in Nepal for 2021 and 2022 to with us. We assure you we will cater to the best service at the best possible price. If you are planning to summit Everest or other 8000er in the future, then Mountain Expeditions with us could be a handy experience required while conquering those greatest peaks of the world.

Best time for Mountain climbing in Nepal

Spring (March till May) and Autumn September till November) season are the best for the Mountain climbing and expeditions in Nepal,  These seasons are best for trekking in Nepal and the climber can get easily to Mountain Base camp by trekking. Because of less rain, less snow level in the mountains, and pretty warm weather, many people participant for climbing and expedition to the Himalayas in this time to get the successful summit.

How to climb the mountains in Nepal?

Climb a mountain or for Expeditions in Nepal, you are required physically fit and fine, Ice and mountain climbing experience, and know the general knowledge of the mountain.  You can apply for the climbing permits through the Trekking/Expedition Company via the Tourism Department of Nepal with full of the information of your personal detail. A License holder climbing Sherpa is required for climbing mountains in Nepal. Most of the mountain to climb; you need to prepare personal climbing equipment gears. That you may bring from your home either can hire from Kathmandu. Or, you can buy a package with an all-inclusive tour through the Nepali Expedition company.  The experience climbing Sherpa instruct you some of the basic knowledge of climbing rules, to use the gears and safety instruction.  For the expedition, there are limits time you will get to get the summit.

Top Mountain Expeditions in Nepal

in Nepal, we do have thousand of mountains (between 6500 to 8848 meters) are standing to get summit by Expedition. Instate of those numbers of mountains, some are very popular among the climbing community. Mt. Everest, Mt. Ama Dablam, Mt. Barunthse, Mt. Pumori, Mt. Himlung, Mt. Manaslu, Mt. Saribung and Mountain Everest from Tibet. Every year, there is a number of climbers’ participants for climbing.

Royalty and permit for Expedition in Nepal

Expedition permits and royalty are recently has restructured from the government of Nepal. To promote the mountain Expeditions in remote locations, the government offers seasonal cost offer policy.  In the high season, they climber have to pay the full amount of policy,  The permit s were 50 percent discounted for the Autumn season expedition and 75 percent discount for winter season expedition in Nepal. All the permits cost is on per person basis. However, Nepal offers some of the mountains free of cost to climb. Those mountains lie in a very remote area and non-commercial route. Which is the best chance for new climbers, those who looking at the remote and non-touristic Mountains? For the detailed information about the expedition royalty cost, please visit the Department of Tourism Ministry in Nepal.

Nepal Expedition

Saribung Expedition

Saribung Expedition-Nar Phu - 26 Days

Saribung Himal is located between the kingdom of Mustang and Manang border across the holy lake Damodar Kunda. The trek is a newly explored adventure expedition route and trekking route of Nepal in Mustang and Manag Annapurna Region. The Nar...

Duration: 26 Days
Pumori Expedition

Pumori Expedition - 35 Days

Mt. Pumori 7161m is a one of the most impressive well has known moderate technical mountain on the corner of Kala Patthar and Everest Base Camp.  Among the 7000 meter Himalayas in Nepal, Climbing Pumori mountain you need more...

Duration: 35 Days
Himlung Expedition

Himlung Expedition - 30 Days

Mt. Himlung 7126m located in Manaslu Himalayan Range northeast of Annapurna Circuit is one of the least universalize climbed peaks in Nepal with just a few attempts made. Catering 4E grade of alpine thrills, Himlung Expedition is demanded abundant...

Duration: 30 Days
Baruntse Expedition

Baruntse Expedition - 35 Days

Mt. Baruntse 7129m is technically one of the most difficult peaks to climb in the entire world. Coil Todd and Geoff Harrow were the first climbers to overcome the great challenge to summit this beautiful peak in Everest Region...

Duration: 35 Days
Ama Dablam Expedition

Ama Dablam Expedition - 28 Days

Ama Dablam is a stunning mountain that lies at the backdrop of Tyangboche Monastery in Tyangboche, Mt. Ama Dablam 6812m is technically one of the most difficult mountains to summit in Everest Region. While climbers are on the Expedition...

Duration: 28 Days
USD 3700
North Everest Expedition

Tibet Everest Expedition - 45 Days

Mt. Everest Expedition from Tibet North Face side is relatively cheap, easy logistic access, less technical route, and short duration of climbing within 45 days. Climbing Everest from the Tibet side is the ultimate goal to reach to world’s...

Duration: 45 Days
USD 15000
Climb Everest

Everest Expedition - 60 Days

Mt. Everest is the final step tallest summit in the earth.  Mount Everest has got various titles, the goddess of snow and the roof of the world, the third pole, and locally known as the Sagarmatha in Nepali. The...

Duration: 60 Days
USD 35000

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