Places to Visit in Bhutan

Top 10 Places to Visit in Bhutan

Bhutan is a small Buddhist Kingdom and its known as thunder of dragon and the last Shangri -L, ancient Buddhist temples, fortresses and natural beauties with manmade treasures.. During your Bhutan tour you must not forget to visit those top 10 places insight the Country. By popularity, among those ten attractions are most visited and seeing places, sights and seeing in Bhutan. Those places are included in the itinerary of your Bhutan tours as well.

1: The Tiger Nest – Thktsang Lhakhang Cave Monastery

Tiger Nest cave is most famous attraction above the Paro valley and most visited place of Bhutan. It lies 3100 meter elevation and offer a superb view of valley, jungle and part of Bhutan. After 2 hours uphill and downhill hiking you will reach to there from Base Camp. During the high season there are very much volume of tourist, visitors and local traders in Base Camp. It is not a very comfortable hike for everyone. But you may hire horse and ride up to there.

2: Punakha Dzong

It is a old palace as a Dzong in the Bhutan was a administrative center and the cabinet of Bhutan till 1995. The Dzong is the Bhutanese Victory over invading Tibet and (fortress) is the magnificent backdrop, probably most beautiful artistic building in Bhutan was build in 16th century. Punakha is famous for great colorful Buddhist festival with Monks mask dance parade nearby the river bank.

3: Thimpu

Thimpu is Capital of Kingdom of Royal Bhutan. Visit colorful markets and Bhutanese product shops, historical museums and the landmarks, Peace and great Chortens whish was build by the third king Jigme Dorji Wangchuck 1961 and famous for being only capital city without any traffic light sign.

4: Tashicho Dong

Tashicho Dzhong was originally build in 1641 known as the fortress of glorious religion. The dzhong was rebuilt again in 1952 by the third his majesty king and now used as the sitting place of the Royal Bhutanese Government. It has a beautiful garden and also know the summer residence of teh centeral monastic body.

5: Paro valley

Paro is the gorgeous amazing valley in Bhutan and the approaching point of Bhutan. It is a historical city with many sacred monuments, buildings and Buddhist shrines surrounded by farmers paddy, green hills and many view points with prayer flags. There are many Dongs are very much interesting to visit on your stay in Paro.

6: Haa Valley

Haa valley is another newly most visit destination in Bhutan which is popular among the tourist and virgin beauty of Nature. Possibilities to visit some of Buddhist temples, and fortresses in around the valley. There are to temples called Nagpo is famous black temple and Lhakhang Karpo is another White temple. There is another Tagchu Gompa which is about 100 years old and Dobji Dzong another storeyed fortress of the hilltop area of Haa Valley.

7: Zuri Dzong Hiking

Hiking to Zuri Dzong is most probably perfect spot to have bird-eye view of the entire Paro Valley in Bhutan. It is a oldest Dzong in Bhutan and there is a cave where Buddha came to meditate in the 8th centre. This peaceful and panoramic view place allows both Bhutanese and tourists to soak in the tranquil that radiates from the extraordinary view. You will reach after 40 minutes hike from the museum watchtower and another additional hour to exit out towards Uma. Stopping around there to take picture and relax with fresh winds which blowing from prayer flags you will purified.

8: Gangtey Valley

Gangtey Valley is one of the most stunning valley in the lap of Bhutanese Himalayan Range and it called the Shangri-La of Bhutan showing one of the worlds happiest nations. It is such a flat and wide valley without any trees after the hard climb through the dense forest.

9: Buddha Dordenma

It is a newly completed gigantic Shakyamuni Buddha Statue of Bhutan, on the occasion of Bhutanese 60th anniversary of fourth king Jigme Syngya Wangchuck. The statute is 50 ft tall and made by bronze and gilded in gold. 125000 smaller Buddha statues have been placed within the Buddha Drodenma statue. It has a large meditation hall. It located in hill Kuenselphodrang Nature Park and overlooks the Southern entrance of Thimphu valley. It said to emanate and aure of peace and hipness of the entire world.

10: National Bhutan Museum:

It is cultural museum of Bhutan in the town Paro western Bhutan established in 1968.