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    Peak Climbing Gears

    Peak Climbing Gears are essential when you are travelling for expeditions. In order to help you reach the top in the safest possible manner, Nepal Footprint Holiday has put together instructions and a suggested essential list of trekking peak climbing equipment.  Every peak climber and expedition participant has to keep in mind for safe climbing adventures in the Nepal Himalayas.

    Essential Peak Climbing Gears 

    Alpine Range Climbing and Expedition Harness – It should have a lightweight, straightforward design that is convenient to carry on your baggage and secure locking mechanisms.

    Crampons – You must fit it properly in your climbing boots and be at ease. One of the key pieces of gear for your climbing phase is a set of crampons. Steel crampons that can toe point safely and positively into ice and include an anti-balling feature.

    Ice Axe  and Hammer – It should not be flashy and should be lightweight and adaptable for ice climbing. Must be intended for use in the Alps. Hammer needs to be powerful enough.

    Ascender – It is among the most crucial pieces of gear for main rope and fixed rope ascents. Must be suitable for usage in a rope while wearing mittens or safety gloves.

    Power controller multi lead lamp – A sturdy headlamp with premium batteries for climbing purposes at night and in the morning.

    Karabiners – Use of Karabiners are minimal; it depends on your trip, the length of your climb, and the terrain. The most helpful Karabiners is of 2 locking system.

    Rappel Device –Figure 8: When you rappel down, ACT or a similar safety device keeps you alive.

    Trek/Ski poles –We strongly advise you to purchase Ski poles from accredited vendors. There are imitation poles with identical brands on the market right now, but they pose a risk to your safety. It must be lightweight and foldable.

    Climbing Safety Helmets – Climbing Helmets are crucial for preserving your life. It is useful in places with stone falls, hanging ice climbs, snow ladders, and ice falls.

    Sun and Snow Glass – UV defense ultra-light Sunglasses to protect your eyes from the wind and snow.

    Oxygen bottles – It is suggested to buy Russian manufactured Mask or the Summit Series, regulators.

    Tape Sling – Some slings are 2 or 3 meter in length.

    Outerwear clothing in your body – Warm sleeping bags (-20 C or greater; -5 F) with a liner, down jackets with a minimum feel power of 600.

    Other Accessories – Sunscreen, lip protection, a water thermos, some energy bars, water and windproof gloves, warm cotton or woolen shocks, warm hats, windproof – waterproof Gore-Tex jackets up and down gear sets, and inner layer warm clothes. And personal medical kit. Camera dry bags and other dry bags.