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    Trekking Season in Nepal

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    Trekking Season in Nepal

    Trekking Season in Nepal

    Trekking Season in Nepal is available all year long, however not on all but a select few trails. However, either before or after the monsoon are the greatest times to go trekking. March middle to June middle (Spring). The greatest hiking seasons in Nepal are from mid-September to mid-December (Autumn). The weather is often good and the skies usually clear throughout certain seasons of the year. Only in the spring and fall are advised for moderate to difficult treks. The finest seasons for an adventure like the Annapurna Circuit Trek are spring or fall.

    Treks that zigzag through subtropical forests during the monsoon are not something we advise. due to the leeches and extremely slick pathways caused by high water levels. The Himalayan hikes are quite chilly and the high crossings are closed during the winter. Therefore, we do not advise such excursions in the winter either. Due to its location, hikes like Upper Mustang are possible during the monsoon. Mount Dhaulagiri and Mount Annapurna cast a rain shadow over the Kingdom of Mustang. Similar to this, beginners can go on easy treks like Poonhill Ghorepani, Helambu, and Everest Panorama Trek any time of year.

    With four distinct seasons, Nepal’s climate is monsoonal. Here are some general tips for the various seasons weather:

    Monson season in Nepal

    Heavy monsoonal rains from June to September; the Himalayas normally have lighter rains than Kathmandu, though clouds frequently obscure the summit tops. Monsoon showers often last an hour or two every two or three days in Pokhara and the Kathmandu Valley. The rain cools the air and cleans the streets. Bring an umbrella if you go; expect cheaper hotel rates & fewer visitors.

    Autumn Season in Nepal

    The greatest time to visit the hilly and mountainous regions is from October to December because of the clear, cool weather and the reduced amount of dust in the air after the monsoon. Cold season from January to March, with nighttime lows in Kathmandu of 0°C (32°F) and extremely low temperatures at high altitudes. While winter trekking is possible in areas like the Everest region, it is exceedingly cold and snowfall may make it impossible to get over 4,000–4,500 meters. The Jomsom trek is a viable substitute because it stays below 3,000 meters, where the coldest temperature is predicted to be around -10°C (14°F).

    Spring Season in Nepal

    In the Himalayas, there are many flowering flowers from March to June. Rhododendrons in particular lend a dash of color to the scenery during this period. In contrast to Kathmandu, where temperatures are typically around 30°C (86°F), the terai can reach or exceed 40°C (104°F). The ideal time to go on a mountain trip in Nepal is right now.

    Best Time to Visit in Nepal

    If you’re thinking about spending the holidays in Nepal, the optimal time to go should be your first consideration. Although trekking in Nepal is possible throughout the year, there are a chosen few months that are ideal for travel. In Nepal, the greatest times to travel are in the fall and spring. The greatest weather conditions for trekking in Nepal are from late September to early December, when the air is clean, calm, and chilly and the mountains are most visible.