Today 10ty January 2015, After long discussion in our official meeting, as a part of sustainable tourism company, as a local responsible adventure agency and  animal right supporter of Nepal. Finally, we Nepal Footprint Holiday P. Ltd. decide No More Elephant Safari Tour Organizing in Nepal on Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park from This Year 2015. Yes we know after this big decision some of our honor guest feel cool and not to. But still we hoping good support from all of you to stop this kinds of holiday and making animal friendly safari holidays in Nepal.

We are always passionate for  Animal right, local, unfair, ethical voice and social Justice issue which is related on our business, tourism  animal welfare and future impact. Elephant issues have been a strong area of concern. Having such an enormous wild animal restrained for many hours at a time and used for rides or to do human-like behaviors, such as kick a soccer ball or paint pictures with their trunks, has never felt right. People often think that an elephant in captivity is domesticated, and so somehow it’s OK to have them under human command. But the reality is that they never have been domesticated like dogs or horses. Even if born in captivity, they are still a wild animal, and need to be ‘broken’ to accept human control. There is much evidence that this process is exceptionally cruel. Nepal Footprint desire  wilds animal must be on wild and leave on their way into the harmony  with freedom without any strong human pressure.

Please understand clearly !! It mean we do not avoiding for Wildlife safari dreamer, we do continue organize wildlife safari in Nepal in Chitwan National Park and Bardiya to. But, by different way. Without using animal riding. Instate we do offer you by Jeep Safari or Nature Hiking in wild with local support team.

Some of Elephant Hurts Which we have seen and that is the reason we stop Elephant Back Safari in Nepal.

Dear animal right activist, we have a good news that Elephant Polo World Championship is closed for ever from Nepal. Since many years Tiger Tops annually has been arranging the Elephant Polo World Championships but from this year there will be no more this Championships in Nepal.