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    Guide to Mardi Himal Trek

    Guide to Mardi Himal Trek

    Mardi Himal Trek

    Mardi Himal Trekking, where the adventure leads you on an elusive hidden path within a massive range of Annapurna Himal, right at the bottom of majestic Mt. Machhapuchare known as the Fish Tail peak to reach Mardi Himal base camp.

    Walking into pristine natural surroundings covered in thick alpine forest of tall rhododendron-oaks-magnolia, hemlocks, pines and fir tree line with gorgeous views of Annapurna and Manaslu range of mountains.

    Mardi Himal Trekking located North Mid-West Nepal a mere distance of 30 k.m. as the crow flies from scenic Pokhara city and its beautiful valley, blessed with the natural beauty of Annapurna and Machhapuchare Himal ‘Fish Tail’ that reflects on its calm Phewa and Begnas lakes.

    At Pokhara where most of the adventure begins and ends on this lovely city, where the drive of six hours reaches you at Pokhara from the capital Kathmandu, or one can reach within half-hour taking a panoramic flight from Kathmandu.

    Mardi Himal towers high at above 5,587 m listed in the group of trekking peaks of Nepal which is the southern flank of majestic Machhapuchare Himal also known as ‘Fish Tail’ due to its twin summits and shapes at the height above 6,997 m high.

    Mardi Himal Trekking will be a great marvelous walk on high ridges of Annapurna Himalaya, where the route leads beyond major trekking trails and villages on the hidden tracks around summer grazing pasture and meadows with dense woodland.

    An interesting walk leads you with a short drive from the outskirt of Pokhara valley, where the walk starts to climb into farm villages and terraces to reach Dhampus village populated by Gurung people the hill tribes of Annapurna region.

    The walk continues overlooking the fabulous panorama of Annapurna-Manaslu-Lamjung Himal with ever-present Machhapuchare Himal, as route leads into the cool shade of forest with a slow climb up to a lovely small village at Potana.

    From this scenic spot heading towards the high green hill at Pitam Deurali above 2,150 m with super views of snow, peaks include top of Mt. Dhaulagiri and beautiful landscapes scenery, from here into the pure wilderness.

    Where route takes you away from mainstream and popular trekking trails away from villages and human habitations to reach higher elevation, as walk progress leaving behind tall tree lines for short bushes of rhododendron (azalea), Burberry and junipers.

    As the walk continues heading further into higher terrain, facing incredible views of Annapurna and Machhapuchare Himal, and finally adventure reaches you at the major destination of the trek at Mardi Himal and its base camp on the highest spot of the adventure at 4,500 m high.

    Mardi Himal a small rocky peaks with some ice and snow, which is a broken ridge of southern Face of Machhapuchare Himal, at Mardi Himal base camp enjoy the mind-blowing panorama of mountains that stretches towards east and west of Annapurna Himalaya range of peaks.

    Mardi Himal Trekking areas also are known as ‘Other Sanctuary’ the main situated at Annapurna base camp with scenic Annapurna Sanctuary which is a mere distance towards the northwest from Mardi Himal base camp, first explored by British Col Jimmy Roberts way back in late 1960’ on reconnaissance trek to Machhapuchare Himal for British Expedition.

    Machhapuchare Himal one of the few mountains in Himalaya range that never been climbed, still exists as virgin peaks and many respected mountains by locals and visitors, where’s Mardi Himal has been often climbed by interested mountaineers and trekkers.

    Where to Stay on Mardi Himal Trekking:

    Mardi Himal Trekking route, although situated away from main villages and off the main trekking routes of Annapurna area, in early days past two decades ago where trekkers had to carry camping gears and equipment with foods supported by large numbers of porters and camping staff and guides.

    At present since last decade overnight stops in local lodges available near to its base camp, Dhampus and Potana villages which is on the major route of Annapurna trekking with many good lodges to stay to Pritam Deurali were walk to Mardi Himal and popular route to Annapurna base camp as well to Landruk and Ghandruk villages.

    From Pritam Deurali, overnight stops available in local lodges and Inns at Kokar Forest camp

    2,520 m, Low or Jungle Camp 2,970 m and at High Camp above 3,700 m high, where one can

    Enjoy a free day for a hike to Mardi Himal base camp and then back at High Camp for last

    overnight stops before ending the trek at Pokhara.

    The lodges on the route from Potana onward are simple and basic with clean rooms and serving excellent meals as per the lodge menu and as per season wise for local vegetables.

    Mardi Himal Trek Route:

    Several routes where one can take as per the chosen itinerary and as per your duration of trekking holidays for Mardi Himal.
    Mardi Himal Trek Route
    The main way is taking a short drive to Dhampus Phedi or you can continue driving to Dhampus village and start trekking via Potana and Deurali, on return walks one can take the route after Low Jungle Camp either walk on the same trail back or via alternative route walking to low farm village of Siding and the drive back to Pokhara.

    The other route taking a drive to Kande villages and walk to Australian Camp or Thulo Kharka, a beautiful spot surrounded by forest with a stunning panorama of Annapurna and Manaslu with Machhapuchare Himal.

    From here continue to walk towards Potana where the trail from Dhampus joins and then to Deurali unto Mardi Himal.

    People and Culture:

    The area around Mardi Himal populated by Gurung people, the hill tribe of Annapurna Himalaya range interwoven with Buddhism religion and culture as well practice their ancient sect of pre-Buddhism known as Bon also, worshiping natural environment rivers, forest, mountains and some case they believe shamanism (super spiritual power healing system) from the local tribes’ Lama or Jhakri.

    Lower area with mixed tribes of people both Hindu and Buddhist religions with Hindu caste of Brahmins, Chettries, and Dalits include some Tamang-Magar and Thakli with Gurung people.

    Mardi Himal Trek Season:

    Nearly all months of the year one can travel and trek to Mardi Himal area, except the monsoon months of June to mid-September with heavy rains and cloudy days, where March to May best to see wildflowers in the season especially rhododendron (national flower of Nepal) with various species from trees to the bush.

    The day will be mostly clear for views and walks can be cloudy in the late afternoon where temperatures drop with cooler morning and night time and in shade.

    Other best months from October to December for clear views of mountains can be cold with snow sometimes and short sunlight hours in autumn and winter months, but clear for views most of the day.

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