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    Langtang Himal Trekking

    Langtang Himal Trekking


    ‘cultural and scenic adventure in the shade of awesome mountain panorama near by Kathmandu – Langtang Trek’


    Langtang Himal trekking leads you to the closet Himalayan range from the capital Kathmandu at a mere distance of approx: 32 k.m straight north direction as the crow fly, which forms a barrier between Nepal and Tibet.

    Langtang Himal Trekking will certainly delights you with its awesome mountain panorama on daily walks within its green rolling green hills covered in dense forest of tall rhododendron (national flower of Nepal), magnolia, pines, oaks and fir tree lines.

    The thick forest includes species of bamboos which makes an excellent habitat of rare and elusive endangered Red Panda, which looks more like a raccoon sometime spotted on walks around Langtang Himal Trekking.

    Besides Red Panda other wild-life and different species of birds can be seen as per season wise, the spring time is vivid around hills and valley, when wild-flowers are in blooming times specially rhododendron flowers from its tall trees to bushes known as azalea, with other pretty flowers from ground to tree lines.

    Truly a magical spot to be in the months of March to May when flowers are in season with great contrast of green hills to white snow-capped peaks, turning the whole areas into magical paradise.

    Langtang Himal Trekking offers interested travelers with varied destinations from short walks of a week to two weeks or more depending upon your time and holiday duration in Nepal, where walks are of various grade moderate-adventurous to challenging.

    The most popular walks of a week time is to Kyanjin within beautiful Langtang valley enclosed by series of high snow capped mountains, where Kyanjin a temporary settlement provides good accommodation in nice and cozy lodge for travelers, with rooms facing views of mountains and scenic landscapes.

    Kyanjin located at the height of 3,749 m / 12,371 ft high, within magnificent Langtang valley earlier days known as Kyanjin Gompa (monastery), the Gompa is no longer exists it was an old small shrine or a chapel rather a monastery, stood near Langtang Lirung peak glacier, due to time withered the little monastery with movement of glaciers, avalanches and heavy snow.

    Around Langtang Himal Trekking, where you will have ample to explore its small cheese processing factory, which was built in mid 1980’s with the help of Swiss Technical Assistance as the area abundant of Yaks and other domestic animals producing much milks for the cheese.

    After a great time around Langtang Himal return journey with various route to choose either walks to Upper or Thulo Syabru to reach Dhunche or walk straight to Syabrubesi village on the road-head where drive takes you back at Kathmandu.

    Before and After Earthquakes:

    Langtang Himal area around Rasuwa district and other Nepal Mid-West and Mid-East was badly shaken by huge earthquakes of April 25th and May 12th 2015 of 7.8 Rector Scale destroyed much of its villages and trails, where more than 8,000 people lost their life in whole Nepal area hit by earthquakes.

    Much of the earthquake brought huge avalanches around Langtang areas that swept much of its villages on route Kyanjin and as well at Kyanjin areas around Langtang Valley

    If you are interested rebuilding the home of the poor affected people and with your kind support, more efficiently and effectively than Nepal Government, we welcome you with wide open arms.

    After three years of destruction from the massive earthquakes, the area around Langtang Himal and other parts of Nepal are slowly returning back to normal life, building and repairing trails as well constructing new houses and schools.

    At present Langtang Himal trekking areas once opened for trekkers and other visitors where you can witness the traces and remains of earthquake shattered areas.

    We at Nepal Footprint strongly supported earthquakes victims saving life and helping to bring the villages on route to its original shape with charity funds and as volunteering in building houses and road-works.

    Nepal Footprint encourage world-wide travelers to visit and promote Langtang Himal areas and its remote isolated villages, we highly appreciates your interest with help and support rebuilding and as well cooperating with us to make this beautiful country back into normal shape with smiles in villagers face.

    Although much of the work rebuilding the houses around main villages near complete, but still lacks some support and help in local schools and remote areas around Langtang Himal.

    Langtang Marathon:

    Another interesting way to enjoy life and holiday adventure in Nepal is joining in our adventure sports taking part in Langtang Marathon. Marathon around Himalaya region is getting much popular where Everest and Annapurna Marathon been active since last past decades, Langtang Marathon is yet to get more attention. Where you can support in participating in this event which will help and support to bring the local villages of Langtang Himal dwindling economy, adding another chapter in Himalayan adventure sports promoting and joining in Langtang Marathon.

    The right season for the long run during the month of April and May, when days are mostly fine with clear weather and mild temperatures around high hills of Langtang Himal area, during this time the sunlight hours are longer from early 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. which makes the run possible for slow runners to reach the end of the line.

    The standard international marathon run is 42 k.m for Ultra Marathon more than 55 k.m with half marathon distance 21 k.m.

    Running from Kyanjin at the height 3,749 m / 12,371 ft high will be a perfect spot starting from the beauty of high mountain views, and then running downhill with some ups to reach the required finishing stops either at Syabrubesi which is approx 38 k.m, but for specific right mileage required, where runners might have to some turn and crisscrossing from one area to another to complete the standard of 42 k.m.

    Overall Views of Langtang Himal Trekking:

    Langtang Himal Trekking one of the most beautiful and scenic country in whole Himalaya, where adventure blends with local colorful culture of Tamang people, the tribe of Langtang Himal region, spread throughout Nepal, much concentrated within Nepal Mid-West around Langtang region.

    The Tamang people interwoven with Tibetan Buddhism known as Mayana ‘The Greater Wheel’ of Buddhism sects, besides its beautiful views of mountains and soaking in local culture where walks leads you into serene and enchanting woodland within Langtang National Park.

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